San Antonio 2017 - Sugar Surfing Workshop

San Antonio 2017 - Sugar Surfing Workshop

Sugar Surfing™

Thank you for your interest in registering to attend a Sugar Surfing Workshop to be held in San Antonio, Texas on May 6th, 2017. Stephen W. Ponder, MD FAAP CDE will be your speaker and facilitator for this event.

How to Register:

To get your FREE admission make sure you type the number "0" (zero) in the "Name a Fair Price" box at the bottom of the page (mobile device users) or to the right (for large screens). Optionally, you can add a few bucks as a donation if you feel like it.

Then, click on "I want this". The registration system then asks you for your email address, number of people attending and postal zip code. Thank you for sharing information about who will be attending as this helps us deliver a better workshop.

Following registration, you will receive an email confirmation including a sample chapter. Chapter 5 - False Idols introduces you to a number of truths and dispels many myths about diabetes and should help you to understand some of the reasons behind the chaos that comes with managing diabetes with the traditional static approach.

Information updates prior to the event will be sent to you via the email address that you use to register for this workshop.

Thank you!


This workshop has been underwritten by a generous grant from PumpsIt, Inc.

Please consider PumpsIt when choosing where you purchase your diabetes supplies.

More Information:

Refreshments will be provided. Admission is FREE. Child care is NOT provided at this event.

To learn more about "Sugar Surfing"™, go to http://sugarsurfing.com. You can also go to Amazon and download the free preview of the Kindle version using their 'Look Inside' feature. You can also check out hundreds of posts on the Sugar Surfing facebook page.


Texas Diabetes Institute

701 S. Zarzamora Street

San Antonio, Texas 78207


1pm - 4pm (includes 20 minute intermission)

The workshop will begin promptly at 1pm and will conclude at 4pm.

Paying It Forward:

Donations are appreciated and have ranged from $0 to $250 for previous workshops. Your financial support allows us to put on future workshops. It is through the kind support of others this workshop is made available to you at no cost. 

Alternatively, you can use PayPal to donate any amount via this link. You can also mail a check. Just send an email to stephenponderMD@sugarsurfing.com and ask for the mailing address. Donations are NOT tax deductible.

Questions about the workshop should be sent to stephenponderMD@sugarsurfing.com

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